Hound's Hollow accommodates up to 10 people (5 beds). Click on a thumbnail to see floorplans and photos of the sleeping areas.


The house has three bedrooms. One 10' by 12' bedroom with a queen coil bed is on the first floor, the other bedrooms are on the second floor.
The upstairs bedrooms are in the loft of the house, and are arranged as a suite, separated by a curtain. These upstairs bedrooms have access to the master bathroom. One room has a very tall ceiling, we call that the master bedroom. The other has a cathedral ceiling that goes from 8' on one side, to a pitch of 12', then down to floor level on the other side. We call this the "Friendship Nook."
Upstairs Loft :: Master Bedroom
Upstairs Loft :: Friendship Nook
Upstairs Loft :: Friendship Nook :: Queen Bed
Upstairs Loft :: Friendship Nook :: Queen Bed
Upstairs Loft :: Friendship Nook :: Looking back towards the Master Bedroom.
Upstairs Loft :: Friendship Nook :: Looking from Friendship Nook towards Master Bedroom, showing one queen-coil matress with bed frame, and one futon on the floor.
Downstairs :: Private Bedroom :: Looking through doorway
Downstairs :: Private Bedroom :: Just inside doorway, looking right. To the right is a small window looking west into the hemlocks, and up in the high ceiling is a skylight.
In the Greatroom, there is a fold-out futon couch that is almost the size of a "queen" mattress.