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Brownsville has beautiful hiking, riding, and skiing. Scroll down to see pictures of the surrounding area and special area attractions, such as the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site house and sculpture garden. Click on photos to see larger versions.

Dusk on Mt. Ascutney

Beech Forest
"Cascade Falls" trail on the West side of Mt. Ascutney

Windsor-Cornish Bridge
The longest wooden covered bridge in the U.S.
Taken from the Cornish, NH side of the Connecticut river, with Mt. Ascutney in the background.

Brownsville seen from Mt. Ascutney
On the "Brownsville" trail on the North side

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Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

Visit the Saint-Gaudens National Park and Sculpture Garden in Cornish, NH, just over the Windsor-Cornish covered bridge from Windsor, VT.
[See also the official Saint-Gaudens website]

Saint-Gaudens house and studio

At Saint-Gaudens, you can see beautiful sculptures by a distant relative of mine, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, including a bust of Lincoln, several studies in plaster and sketches of the commissioned "Standing Lincoln", his "Diana", and many other works.

Especially important is the amazing Shaw Memorial, a moving memorial to the troop of black civil war soldiers led by Colonel Shaw, popularized by Mathew Broderick in the movie "Glory". Saint-Gaudens broke tradition as a white artist by depicting blacks with honor and dignity, and painstakingly modeling each soldier after a live model, rather than resorting to stereotypes or duplicate castings. Read more ...

Shaw Memorial

Pool in the sculpture garden

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Historic Graveyards

Graveyards in Windsor, VT, and in just about every small town, including small ones hidden down country roads, tell the story of early Vermont homesteaders. Trace family names, and witness differing qualities and economies of headstones, and the passing of young women and children, which tell of the difficulties of life in early American rural society.

Small graveyard on Route 44

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Billings/Rockefeller Museum and Mansion

Fun for the whole family! Visit the Billings/Rockefeller Museum and Farm in Woodstock, VT, and see how the "other half" lived in Vermont early in the 1900's. Mr. Billings was especially important for Vermont history as an early environmentalist who taught about responsible farming and reforestation. He ran an advanced farm that demonstrated responsible methods, and turned a profit, which was a much needed thing as Morino sheep farming had deforested and ravaged Vermont. The farm still operates, and the beautiful Jersey cows love to be petted. Kids and animal lovers enjoy the animal farm, and there are special activity days in the museum for kids as well. Visit their website to learn more.

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American Precision Museum

Visit the American Precision Museum, 196 Main Street, Windsor, Vermont. This is my favorite for visiting adults and children, but I never tire of seeing it again myself. The museum chronicles the development of precision manufacturing and its importance in establishing the "Precision Valley", which grew out of good old "Yankee Know-How". On display are early rifles, early shop equipment, through more modern equipment. A trove of information about American dominance of manufacturing and fun science, engineering, and the machine trades.

American Precision Museum
2002 Miniature Model Winner

Swimiming Holes

   We have a two nice, small swimming holes on the property, in the year-round brook. If you walk down the lawn from the house, and follow the trail through the woods, you will see it. The other is downstream from there at the bottom of the waterfall. Both are beautiful, and are good for dipping.
   Windsor has a beautiful lake you can swim and kayak in, labeled "Mill Pond" on this map: Windsor Town Map. Locally, it is known as Kennedy Pond. During the summers, there is a life guard on duty and a family swimming area.

   Quechee State Park, where you can find Quechee Gorge. The Gorge is downstream of the bridge, accessible from a trail. On nice days, people swim there, and it is beautiful and swift. We saw a bald eagle there in 2006.

   Swimming Holes Website

   Twenty Foot Hole. You can also find more spots at the Vermont River Conservancy website

   Boating or swimming on the Connecticut river? Check for dam releases here: 1-888-FLO-FONE or 1-888-356-3663
   Areas to explore:
   Lyman Falls Dam
   Map the Sculptured Rocks in the White Mountains of NH,
Bobbin Mill outside of Warren, VT,
Warren Falls, also outside of Warren, VT.

Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage tracking website.

Area Outings

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Visit the Path of Life Garden

Visit Wonderella Printed - home of fantastic literary booklets, such as "On Gnoming" which will tell you the best way to hunt and prepare Gnomes.

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